At the origin of PARABOOT, there is a man, Remy-Alexis Richar, a worker who dreamed of producing his own models of shoes. In 1908, he created his own brand.

During a trip to the USA in 1926, the designer of PARABOOT shoes discovered rubber boots. He then decided to adapt rubber soles to his models to make them more comfortable. It was the birth of the shoes sewn to the rubber soles which gave the name PARABOOT; "PARA", a small port in the Amazon from which latex was exported and "BOOT", the shoes he had discovered in the United States.

Made in France and in their new factory in Saint-Jean-De-Moirans, the know-how has been carefully preserved and passed on, as it is the company's main asset.

Enjoy your trip to the heart of a preserved universe, where traditions, audacity and innovations blend together.

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